Andaras Adoption Form

Sending this form is a vibrational commitment to the ANDARA which has touched your HEART.  

Each Andara will be accompanied by:

  • a personal Andarian symbols card specially transcribed for YOU. These symbols contiens beautiful Light Codes. They will resonate with the unified field of your Being. They will work with you and your Andara on a multidimensional level and at different levels of consciousness.
  • a Light Language & Sacred Geometry free ArtWork which carries powerful Light Frequencies. This Divine activation will assist you to access higher codes from within you. It will adjust itself to your Frequency bandwidth and it will activate through LOVE what is ready to be activated within you. You can meditate with, print it and hang it in your sacred space to let the Frequencies unfold and do their work of harmonization and reconnection …

I wish to become the Keeper of :

Thank you ! I will get back to you asap and will send you the PayPal address or IBAN. Do not hesitate to connect with me via my FB page.