Quantum BluePrint Mandala

This Quantum Mandala represents my own personal BluePrint matrix ♥

I create personalized Quantum BluePrint Mandalas that resonate with your own energy signature.

These Mandalas are created to work with you and to assist you on a multidimensional level and on many different levels of consciousness . They are made for YOU to activate all that you are.

These Quantum BluePrint Mandalas adjust themselves to the Frequency bandwidth of each person who works with them. You will receive the Light Codes that are aligned with you and that you need at this NOW moment.

They hold a vast array of codes and activations: golden number Frequencies, Fire letters*, Light Language, solar and crystalline light codes. Unity, Freedom and Oneness codes and the wisdom of the Blueprint codex ready to be awakened within you.

* Fire Letters Frequencies awake our solar and crystalline Light codes. They are here to assist us to bring through every aspect of our multidimensional Selves.

These powerful Mandalas also hold Frequencies of the elements here to assist all who wish to work with them on a multidimensional level and within your own realities to assist Gaia at this time.

They also carry powerful Light Frequencies of Sacred Geometry and Sacred patterns to awaken and assist Soul remembrance.

« This UNIQUE personal creation will assist you through LOVE for weeks, months… and will spread its DIVINE Frequencies throughout your home ».

Your personal Mandala and all the rich layers of codes and Light held within it will work continually with you (DNA level). As you are able to integrate one level of inner understanding you will reach another level of understanding and so on. So the more you work with it, the more you will integrate.

If you would like to work with your own personal Quantum BluePrint Mandala ♥ please fill the form at the end of this page.

I wish my personal Quantum BluePrint Mandala :

Price : 111€

Merci! I will get back to you asap.