Light Art Work

I am what is called a Light Anchor/Keeper and Keeper of the Frequencies of New Earth. It is through my Art that these awesome Light Frequencies can be spread on our beautiful planet.

Each creation of Light I create, with crystals and / or with sacred geometry symbols, is encoded with very High and powerful Frequencies of Pure Source. They will radiate/illuminate your home, your workplace, your life, to bring you happiness, Love ♥, serenity and peace within your heart and will raise your vibrations.


All my Light creations are available to buy in printed format : Canvas, Poster, Cards, Yoga Mat from (Fine Art America).

Digital File

To buy my intuitive Art Work in digital file format to print it by yourself, please go to my Facebook Album named  » Créations en fichier numérique / Art Work in digital file « . You can also find it via my Facebook page.


It is also possible to order a unique and personal Light creation (named « Quantum Allegory » because it corresponds to your energy signature) to work or to meditate with. Each Allegory is encoded with Divine Love Frequencies. The Allegory is done from a portrait of you but it can also be done on a picture of one of your Animal Aspects to allow you to meditate with him and the kingdom he represents.. You will find some examples on this page.

Portrait : 55 euros. Paypal. Contact Nathalie.

Lovamour xxx


Light ArtWork samples


activation géométrie sacrée

activation géométrie sacrée

Quantum Allegory with one of my Aspects Animal.