Quantum Light Encoded Art Work

I am what is called a Light Anchor and Keeper of the Frequencies of New Earth. It is through my Art that these amazing Light Frequencies can be spread on our beautiful planet.

Each Art Work I create, with crystals and / or with sacred geometry symbols, is encoded with very High and powerful Multidimensional Frequencies of Pure Source Light. They will radiate/illuminate your home, your workplace, your life, to bring you happiness, Love ♥, serenity and peace within your heart and will raise your vibrations.

My Quantum creations adjust themselves to the frequencies bandwidth of each person who works with them. You will receive the Light Codes that correspond to the vibratory rate of your NOW moment. This integration is exponential because each illustration contains different layers of codes. The more you work with a Quantum ArtWork the more you integrate the multidimensional Light Codes it contains. It’s why I recommend to work with your ArtWork every month, because each month, you will integrate new Light Codes (a new layer).
When an ArtWork is created for a person in particular (personnalized ArtWork), the quantum codes it contains will be more appropriate and will work at a deeper level with this person. These creations are not linear but indeed quantum! Pure Source Love.


All my Light creations are available to buy in printed format : Canvas, Poster, Cards, Yoga Mat from https://nathalie-daout.pixels.com (Fine Art America).

Digital File

To buy one of my geometric Light Encoded Art Work in a high resolution digital file, please go to the gallery, immerse yourself in each of them to feel which is the One who speaks the most to your Divine Soul, the One that makes you vibrate the most and open your heart center ♥ and contact me with the url.

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Light Mandala

Contact me if you wish a personalized digital energy mandala meditation portal.

Personal Light encoded ArtWork

I also propose the creation of a personnal quantum Sacred Geometry ArtWork that corresponds to your energy signature. It will be created, Light Encoded and activated for YOU.

It acts on a multidimensional level and work with you at different levels of consciousness. This unique and personal Light Encoded Creation is powerful and specially designed to activate your heart center and to make you remember your Divine Essence. It will raise your vibrations. This ArtWork will accompany you during your meditation or during your dreams and will spread Divine Love Frequencies in your home. See Price List above. Thanks!

Light ArtWork samples