Crystal Mandara creation to activate your Crystalline DNA LightBody

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I create personalized Vibrational Crystal Mandaras (Mandalas merged with Andaras) with special tuning to your energy field, in which I infuse/encode beautiful Crytalline/Platinium Light Codes Frequencies . They are intended to awaken and activate your Crystalline DNA LightBody.

Little reminder: what are Vibrational Crystal Mandaras ? Vibrational Crystal Mandaras are designed for a specific purpose. These Quantun Mandaras speak to the highest parts of your being, your spirit, your soul and your multidimensional bodies. It has undergone a precise, energetic process which activates the awakening of your Lightbody with the intention of which it has been impregnated. It functions as a key to activate your spiritual evolution towards Unity Consciousness.

The Lightbody and its awakening:

The embodiment of our Lightbody and the subsequent activation of the crystalline codes are a very long process and sometimes difficult to live. Indeed, multiple Light codes must be integrated, many cellular programs must become conscious and many existences/Aspects must be cleared. It is by releasing and transmuting these cellular programs that we open ourselves to gratitude, to unconditional love, to our multidimensionality and to our Higher Consciousness. This awakening also allows activation of dormant capacities.

The awakening of your Lightbody triggers old internal programs not visible before. This is how the process of awakening, ascension, purification and unification takes place.

What is the purpose of the Vibrational Crystal Mandara? 

The Vibrational Crystal Mandara, after encoding, prepares the opening of your heart center and the awakening of your Higher Consciousness. This is how your Crystalline DNA Lightbody will activate in order to begin its Ascension process into the 5th dimension. The  Quantum Mandara also helps you to remember your Divinity by lifting the veils of amnesia.

Lisa Transcendence Brown : « Being awake is not enough, it is only the first part of a vast and massive evolutionary process at a DNA level, allowing the full opening of our hearts and minds back to purity, sovereignty…. AND UNITED CONSCIOUSNESS ».

What does the Vibrational Crystal Mandara contain?

The Vibrational Crystal/Andara Mandara contains Light frequencies, also called Light Codes, they are mega powerfull Quantum Energies, which will act directly in the core of your memories and deepest cellular programs. The goal is to recalibrate you, to realign you on another plane of dimensional existence as your Lightbody begins to vibrate at the New Earth frequency. Receiving these beautiful Light codes also allows you to unlock and update your dormant DNA structures that hold High Consciousness knowledge and ancient memories.

The Vibrational Crystal Mandara also contains Energy Work designed to recalibrate, harmonize and balance your energy centers. The Light codes affect also the subtle bodies, the chakras, the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire and the Divine Masculine / Feminine.


I work in distance. The Quantum energies can be sent anywhere in the world, at any moment, so distance is not a problem. After creating, infusing and activating your Mandara – the process/activation last 24 hours, your picture will be placed in the middle of the Crystal Mandara –  I will send you encoded pictures of your Grid in order for you to work with them and to continue to receive Light Codes through those pictures.

Take notice : The Light frequencies are infused in each crystal used for the realization of your Crystal Mandara. 

How it is working?

Light codes are activated and integrated into your energy field as soon as the Quantum Mandara is being encoded/infused,

An update of the Light codes present in your Crystal Mandara will be done one month after receiving your LightBody DNA activation. This update will be done through pictures.

The days following  your LightBody activation, it is recommended to drink a lot of water, to spend time in nature, to go out in the sun  in order to have your pineal gland activated, to wear/hold clear quartz,  Andaras, to listen to specific vibrational frequency music, to meditate…

You will be ask to observe everything you see, every moment, all your thoughts, all your dreams. To live and feel from your heart center and no longer from your head / mind / ego.

Lisa Transcendence Brown : « Embrace the return to your true inner Self! You are a magnificent Multidimensional Being of Light waiting for eons to awaken from inside, in order to return to the Unified Consciousness ».


Personalized and Quantum Light Encoded Vibrational Crystal Mandara with special tuning to your energetic signature , activation for 24 hours and Light encoded pictures (around 10) :  333 euros.
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