Mandalas/Mandaras Shop


The Crystals and the AndaRAs are here to accompany us on our path of Awakening/Ascension. Organized in sacred geometry, they are powerful activators.

The Crystalline MandaRAs (fusion of Mandala and AndaRA) that I create, are activated vibrationaly and energetically. Each of my creation contains Crystalline Frequencies of Pure White Light, Gold and Platinum. They allow us to increase our Vibrations Frequencies as well as the vibrations in the room where they are laid. Those beautiful Quantum Frequencies are for the whole family! Even for the pets ^^.

MandaRAs are not only decorative « objects » but a vibrational creation encoded with wonderful Crystalline Ligth codes.

They are printed on a Forex support*. The picture is taken in the light of the Sun, hence the shadows. This is to add Solar Frequencies (Solaris) to the MandaRA.

If you want a personalized Crytalline MandaRA corresponding to your energetic signature and aiming to activate your Crystalline Light Body (the activation lasts 24 hours), I invite you to visit the page: « Crystal Mandara creation to activate your Crystalline DNA LightBody« .

Price : MandaRA 30×30 cm : 111 euros  / MandaRA  40×40 cm : 133 euros. + Shipping Fees.

*The 5mm Forex is a very rigid sheet material made of two very fine PVC panels and a layer of hard foam, which forms the basis for perfect photo prints. It attains optimum ink adhesion, which guarantees high colour intensity.